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Our mission is to make quality design accessible to all, and our success hinges on our factories. We have high standards for all aspects of production.

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For most of history, furniture has been handcrafted with care. Now pieces are churned out without much thought thanks to mass production. Our advanced factories use the gains of technology to produce quality furniture that aligns to the specifications of the original mid-century designs and materials.    

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We believe strongly that a piece of furniture isn’t quality if the laborers crafting it aren’t treated fairly. All the factories in our system offer fair wages and use sustainable practices for the environment. Members of the STIN team supervise quality control at each factory to ensure that the entire process meet our standards.  

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With STIN furniture, you never have to worry about the working conditions of the people building it or the quality of the construction holding it together. We don’t think beautiful furniture has to come at the cost of unfair wages, environmental destruction, or other shortcuts. You can have confidence that your purchase supports ethical business practices in addition to fulfilling your home design dreams.   

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